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Paul Bateman, Co-Founder & COO

A master of course delivery, and one half of the SafetyNet founders, Paul has 30+ years of experience in the emergency medical training industry.

Paul is one of the founding fathers of SafetyNet of Florida - the product of the merger between two training companies, Cardiac One and Emergency Training Concepts. Growing up around Fire Departments, Paul always knew he was destined to become a Fireman. When he got older, Paul followed his dream and settled right into the typical Fire Dept schedule of working 24 hrs on duty and then having the next 48 hrs off. While this left plenty of time for Paul to hang around the house and tinker with his hobbies of old cars and camping and such, it primarily just caused his wife to get aggravated with him being around all the time.

Consequently he knew it was time to go looking for a second job. Paul, and everyone around him, quickly understood that all he was really good at was being a FireFighter.... and talking! So after only a few weeks of searching Paul landed a teaching gig at a nearby college teaching Firefighting, EMS, and OSHA classes, and as they say, its all history after that. Paul still works in the Fire/EMS industry as a full time FireFighter/Paramedic and Battalion Chief for Putnam County. In his off days he spends time with his wife Lori and two girls Breana and Brooke. 


We heard you like boating. What's on the iPod when you're on the water?

Growing up around the rural parts of St. Johns county, I definitely have grown an affinity for everything country. I guess I play a lot of Bob Seger, Florida-Georgia Line, Colt Ford, Dire Straits, Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, and George Straight.

Aren't there some animals at the Bateman household?

Absolutely! We have a chihuahua named Stitch, a shih tzu named Rookie, a cat named Smokie, a turtle named Squirt, and two sugar gliders named Dee and Daphne. Every home should have a couple furry friends.

What is your favorite FireFighting memory?

My first day on the job was my favorite day. I remember responding to a commercial building fire and it taking over 12 hours to put the fire out. No one got hurt and I left feeling like every shift could be that exciting.






Says he can never spend too much time on the water.

Sometimes he babysits animals for friends when they're away.

Has been in the Fire/EMS industry for almost 30 yrs.

He can't own a Sonny's franchise.... He'd never sell the product!

We know you're busy. So what's your favorite fast food?

I honestly can't go two whole days without ordering some BBQ from Sonny's.



He orders the NFL ticket

every year.


Won a Krispy Kreme

donut eating contest.

Offering professional training to North Florida since 2012. SafetyNet of Florida, LLC is an approved training site of the American Heart Association and American Red Cross.

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