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What do we do? A little of this and a little of that.



As an approved training site, we can provide all of the disciplines offered by the American Heart Association. We can also provide continuing medical education (CME) courses and OSHA compliance courses. 



We understand our clients. We also understand that sometimes we need the advice of an expert. SafetyNet of Florida is staffed with experts that can assist you in seeking the answers to your questions.

AED Sales


Some of the AED manufacturers we work with include Zoll, Physio-Control, Phillips, and Cardiac Science. Several models and their corresponding components are available.

CPR Training - yep we do that.

First Aid

We strive to make the learning experience fun and exciting.

Can we let you in on a little secret? We probably spend more time talking about how we're going to deliver a better training experience than we spend actually doing training. Why, you ask? Because we want our clients and our students to call us back!! Dont get us wrong here... We do teach a lot of classes throughout the year. But we're constantly looking and evaluating new ways to deliver a better learning experience for our customers.


Getting in front of a group of people and just going through the motions is, quite frankly, EXTREMELY boring. We like to take our knowledge from diverse disciplines and apply them in a new, fun, and exciting manner. C'mon, we collectively have decades worth of experience in this stuff! Why not have fun doing it?

An American Heart Association Training Site

As an approved training site of the American Heart Association, we can provide you with training classes in any of the disciplines offered through the AHA. We can print cards the same day and send you home with as much educational material as your brain can handle.

Need Review Materials?

Since 2012 we have certified

1,642 Men

1,871 Women


Offering professional training to North Florida since 2012. SafetyNet of Florida, LLC is an approved training site of the American Heart Association and American Red Cross.

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